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There are many advantages to getting care from a complete health dentist. These benefits are not limited solely to your teeth and gums. Research shows that people with gum disease are more likely to have additional health problems, including cancer. Your dentist can guide you in improving your health. There are also treatments available to help get your periodontal challenges under control.

How tooth and gum problems occur

It is not uncommon for people to come to a complete health dentist with oral health issues. Cavities and periodontitis are among the most frequent conditions that the dentist will diagnose and treat. Failing to brush and floss regularly are among the leading causes of tooth decay and infections. Ignoring these essential activities will cause plaque to build up on the teeth and at the gumline. Plaque can harden and become tartar, which will begin to break down the tooth enamel and develop infections under the gums.

The results of oral health problems

Without help from the complete health dentist, cavities can cause gum disease, which can cause intense pain and discomfort. Tooth loss can occur, and the shape of the patient’s face can change. Infected teeth, known as an abscess, can spread throughout the mouth and into other parts of the body. The bacteria can get into the bloodstream and cause serious health issues in other areas. High blood pressure and even cancer are among the most common diseases that dentists see as a result.

Types of cancer that a complete health dentist may identify in patients

Studies show that people with gum disease have up to a 20% higher risk of developing cancer than patients who have healthy gums. The spreading of bacteria and the way the immune system reacts appear to be reasons that cancer is more prevalent in periodontal patients. Oral cancer is perhaps the most frequently treated type of this disease, but there are others that can result. Dentists report that patients with gum disease may also develop lung cancer and colon cancer.

Turning the tide

There are effective ways to combat gum disease and tooth decay. The complete health dentist can treat cavities by removing the decay and filling the holes in the teeth. As for gum disease, there are procedures where the dentist can scrape off plaque and tartar from the teeth. Education is also critical. The dentist will advise patients to brush and floss regularly. Having a diet low in sugar will also keep these oral health problems away. The effects can be positive on other disease prevention.

Oral hygiene should be a high priority

Daily brushing and flossing do much more than keep teeth and gums clean. Doing these activities consistently and correctly can keep your body free of cancer. If you believe you may have gum disease or tooth decay, speak to your complete health dentist today. This dentist can treat your condition and get your health back to where you need it to be. Schedule a visit to your local dentist’s office right away.

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