How KoR Teeth Whitening Works

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KoR Whitening® whitening can help you achieve your dream smile. A bright smile shows how well you take care of yourself. It also enhances your self-image. A whiter smile is a healthier smile, and the most innovative teeth whitening system can deliver the results. If you want to find out how KoR whitening works, here are the details.

The stand-out qualities

Teeth staining happens when a big stain and pigment molecules stay within the tooth’s microstructures. These cause darker staining in teeth. All teeth-whitening systems use peroxide bleaching gels. These gels deteriorate into free radicals. These free radicals stick to and remove the stains from teeth.

KoR whitening is efficient in removing dental staining. It delivers optimal whitening each time. This teeth-whitening system restores the oxygen-absorbing ability of teeth. Oxygen removes stains as it enters teeth.

Most unrefrigerated teeth-whitening methods are only effective for 25-35 minutes. This is because saliva contaminates them. It destroys the peroxide in them. The KoR whitening system needs to stay in cold storage from the moment it steps out of the production line until it reaches the patient’s teeth. The cold storage and cold chain of delivery ensure its freshness and potency.

This teeth-whitening system has trays capable of sealing out saliva. It then provides pure peroxide. KoR whitening can stay effective on teeth for up to 10 hours. This is key to the system’s effectiveness.

It is a permanent teeth-whitening system. The patient can still have a bright smile even after drinking red wine, coffee, or tea. A home maintenance kit can bring back the brightness right away. It is also effective in whitening teeth with tetracycline staining.

The procedure

The dentist will take impressions of the patient’s teeth. This will help the dental lab create the custom-fit whitening trays. The dentist will also recommend the level of whitening the patient needs. This will ensure a natural whiteness.

In the next dental visit, the patient will get the custom-fit whitening trays. These will come with a desensitizing gel, a KoR whitening gel, and a set of instructions. The patient will need to wear the whitening trays at home during evening sleep. This treatment will last for two weeks.

The patient will need to come back to the clinic for an in-office teeth whitening visit. This will last for one to two hours. Periodic maintenance at home will keep the patient’s teeth bright and white. This means wearing the whitening tray once a month. The patient can expect teeth to whiten up to about at least 16 shades.

KoR whitening patients experience very little to no sensitivity in their teeth. It is a non-invasive, non-corrosive technique. The patient will only expect quick teeth whitening results without any stinging sensation. Teeth and gums will not deteriorate at all.

The KoR whitening system is the most innovative teeth-whitening system available

Dental staining prevents many people from smiling and going after many career opportunities. It often discourages them from getting close to the people they like. Teeth-whitening systems can resolve this problem. The most potent of them all is the KoR whitening system. An appointment with your dentist can confirm what level of whitening you need.

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