FAQs About KoR Teeth Whitening

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KöR® teeth whitening is an innovative solution for treating teeth stains or natural discoloration. It is a safe whitening procedure that is monitored by a licensed dental professional.

KöR teeth whitening: a long-term solution for a brighter smile

The following are answers to six common questions dental professionals receive about KöR teeth whitening. This should help you determine if treatment may be appropriate for you, although the best way to decide if treatment is appropriate is to schedule a KöR consultation. 

What is KöR teeth whitening?

KöR is different than traditional teeth whitening as it utilizes refrigerated peroxide gels that have special properties and are able to revive the tooth’s natural ability to absorb oxygen. KöR teeth whitening takes place over the course of several weeks by wearing a customized whitening tray at home followed by one final in-office whitening procedure.

What are the benefits of KöR teeth whitening?

Many patients report much more powerful results with KöR teeth whitening than with other forms of teeth whitening. In fact, KöR teeth whitening has the ability to whiten your smile by up to 16 shades. The results also happen quickly with KöR and can last for many years (see below). There are also no known severe side effects with KöR teeth whitening.

How long do the results last with KöR?

The results of KöR teeth whitening can last for many years. It is hard to provide an average time you can expect the results to last as every patient is unique. However, many patients report not ever needing a whitening procedure again after they go through the KöR teeth whitening process.

Is KöR teeth whitening safe? 

Most patients report not experiencing any side effects at all during or after treatment. Some patients may experience some minor discomfort or sensitivity but moderate or severe side effects are incredibly rare. If any issues do arise, the dental professional can help deal with the side effects. 

Does KöR cause any discomfort?

As mentioned, the process for KöR is very safe and does not cause much, if any discomfort for the patient. If the patient is at risk of experiencing discomfort during the procedure, the dentist may recommend treatment before starting the KöR process (e.g., filling a cavity before starting treatment). 

How can I take care of my smile after KöR?

The results of KöR can last for an indefinite amount of time, but the longevity of the results does rely heavily upon how well the patient cares for their smile. It is important to limit foods that may cause teeth stains, practice good oral hygiene, and make it into all follow-up visits with the dentist. 

Schedule a consultation to start the KöR treatment process

If you are not entirely happy with the shade of your teeth due to stains, then reach out to our dental practice today to arrange a convenient consultation visit. We can discuss all available treatment options on your first visit, and we offer KöR teeth whitening to patients that qualify.

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