Are You Overdue for a Dental Cleaning?

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If you have not had a dental cleaning in over six months, then yes, you are overdue for one. Many people wonder if skipping on cleaning appointments is a big deal. It is, and that is because dental appointments are crucial to oral health. For anyone who had not had one for a while, it is time to book an appointment with a dental professional to have the teeth cleaned of plaque and tartar buildup.

The importance of dental cleaning

Getting rid of plaque and tartar is important because they are the main cause of cavities and gum disease, which can be detrimental to oral health. A routine dental appointment also allows the dentist to ensure that the patient’s oral health is in good condition. Not only can a dental cleaning make the teeth whiter and brighter, but it is also vital for oral and overall health. The fact is that one’s oral health has significant effects on general wellbeing as well.

Brushing alone is not enough; neither is flossing. Unknown to many people, the bacteria present in the mouth continue to develop every day. They multiply rapidly and when they mix with the food, they turn to plaque, which crystallizes into what is called tartar. Normal brushing and flossing cannot get tartar off the teeth. Professional dental cleaning will be required to clean them.

The method the dentist uses to extract and clean bacteria accumulation on the teeth is what is called dental cleaning. The dentist may have mentioned it during a procedure or routine dental checkup. However, a single dental cleaning procedure is not adequate for a lifetime. It is not even proper to go for more than a year without this procedure. Eating and drinking feeds the bacteria and allow them to grow back quickly. Eventually, the plaque will build up again, and another dental cleaning procedure will be necessary.

When is dental cleaning necessary?

Dental professionals typically recommend biannual appointments for checkups and cleaning. If a person is long overdue for the cleaning procedure, they might experience some of the following situations:

  • Gum inflammation: If the gums appear red or inflamed, it is time to book an appointment with the dentist. Inflammation is typically how the body responds to foreign materials in the body. Since plaque and tartar are not naturally part of the body, the body system will react aggressively. This is a note to clean the tartar off the teeth.
  • Gum bleeding: The gums become sensitive if they are overdue for a cleaning. Simple activities like brushing and chewing may cause bruising and bleeding.
  • Stained teeth: The teeth will become discolored over time as stains from foods and drinks accumulate on them. A dental cleaning can get rid of the stains and restore the whiteness of the teeth.

In conclusion

If you have not had a dental cleaning in a while, it is important to visit the dentist as soon as possible to have your teeth and gums professionally cleaned. As mentioned earlier, regular dental cleanings are vital for good oral health. With the modern advances in dentistry, dental cleaning procedures are easier than ever.

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